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Roen Candles

Mulholland Candle


Los Angeles based Roen Candles have to be smelled to be believed, with layers of subtle scent filling the room. Mulholland (named after Mulholland Drive in Santa Monica) is a rich but sophisticated fragrance that intertwines the alluring scent of hinoki wood with creamy notes of amber resin and suede. Nuances of clove bud, incense and spice unfurl to give this opulent scent a layer of warmth and complexity.


• Scent: hinoki wood, amber resin, suede, incense, clove bud
• 198g / burns up to 40 hours

• Natural coconut wax blend with cotton wick
• High quality fragrance and essential oils
• Peach glass with signature box
• Handmade in Los Angeles, USA


• Trim your wick to 5mm before every relighting.

• Light for 2-3 hours on initial burn for melt pool to reach edge of jar.

• Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.

• For sooting: simply extinguish the flame, trim the wick, and re-light.

• Handle with care - candle jar will be extremely hot when lit.
• Keep away from children and pets.

• Wait 5 hours between burns to allow wax to properly cool.

• Discontinue use when 5mm of wax remains in the jar.
• Reuse your vessel: wash out with hot water and detergent.


R O E N candles was created by Brit Roennigke in Los Angeles. On a quest to capture the intoxicating spring scent of citrus blossom and jasmine in her Los Angeles neighbourhood of Glassell Park, R O E N was born. What began as a labor of love quickly evolved into a true passion and eventually, a small business. 


By drawing inspiration from her past experience in Fashion, Styling, and Product Development she has created a thoughtfully designed and irresistibly scented collection. Each candle is lovingly handcrafted using a small batch approach with the utmost focus on precision and care. The product aesthetic is minimalist and clean and will make a beautiful addition to any space.