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Em Mcleod

Feminity Print


Feminity is a limited edition print by Em Mcleod, from the series 'love notes to self'. Available in either 320gsm fine art textured cotton paper or 340gsm Ilford Gallerie Natural Canvas. Only 50 available per size, signed and numbered by the artist.

Note framed prints are a large fragile item and do not qualify for free shipping.

All that encounter her only ever saw her illuminating spirit, not the warped version of her own perception divinity, empowered her to embrace her inner spirit that transcends her from the inside out, only then will she see herself as the outer world encounters her.

Feminity, she alternated between embracing her femininity and concealing it.


• Limited edition print
• 50 available per size, signed and numbered by the artist

• Paper prints are framed to edge with 2cm thick American Oak
• Canvas prints are stretch framed with shadow box using American Oak


About Em Mcelod: Working in the creative fields most of my career from Interior Design, Fashion, Photography and Writing has been thoroughly enjoyable but I always sensed I hadn’t quite found my passion, I ignored that inner feeling for years and kept dabbling in different projects, trying to find the missing link.


After closing Lunar the business my partner and I owned at Newrybar Merchants, I decided to take some much needed time off to nurture myself, to find the path that would light my soul. Long story short, I slowly began to invest in my creativity, I started writing poetry again, a practise I found I did when I felt a little lost over the years and also began to paint, it truly has illuminated my spirit and given me a strong sense of purpose.

Connection to my inner spirit has given me an innate desire through my paintings and poetry to inspire others to nurture their inner gifts, dreams and desires; to surrender to fear (something that has held me back for years) to share their gifts with the world.

Living in the rolling hinterland of Byron Bay in a light filled mid century modern renovator, I am constantly enthralled by the divine beauty that exists all around us, in each and everyone of us, in everything that exists. You’ll now find me renovating our home with my partner, painting, writing, being a Mumma and dancing to the rhythm of the beats, much to my families amusement.