Palo Santo Candle
Palo Santo Candle
Palo Santo Candle

Mizu Brand

Palo Santo Candle

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A first whiff of this candle by Mizu Brand will leave you curious... a slightly smokey-sweet earth scent with an undertow of wood. But the real magic comes at first light, when the flame ignites the Palo Santo wood’s sacred oils and everything transforms into a cloud of weightless calmMysterious notes of mysterious palo santo come alive with an infusion of smokey vetiver and sweet, spicy accents of madagascar vanilla and cinnamon leaf; creating a fragrance that evokes the experience of a palo santo smudge.

• 100% natural
• Up to 45 hour burn time
• 7cm diameter by 9cm high
• Hand poured using 100% American grown soy wax with cotton wick
• Scented exclusively with Mizu Brand signature essential oil blend
• Frosted glass container with aluminum screw lid 
• 100% natural and allergy friendly

Since 2012, MIZU brand has been handcrafting fragrance and accessories for home, body and spirit. Believing in premium, natural ingredients and sustainable practices; creating luxury products to feel good about. MIZU honour craftsmanship, believing in the soulful nature of the hand and the character they give each design, whilst respecting the earth, responsibly handcrafting every piece with care for the process and ingredients we select. MIZU brand operates out of an independent design studio located in Coventry, Rhode Island.
Palo Santo Candle